The Indoor Rally took place on Friday, January 30 at 7:30 pm at the LDS Church on Decoto Road in Union City. It was really cold outside as we started the Grand Parade and went into the auditorium. We were welcomed by an excited audience of family and friends. Then the relays began. We did fairly well in the Knot Tying which included the bowline, the sheetbend, and the timberhitch. We also did okay in the First Aid Relay and the Stick Relay. Other events were the Rope Rescue, Fireman’s Drag, and the Compass Relay. The best event was the Scoutmaster Drag; we took Mr. Brown for a wild ride under the feet of several standing troops! Fortunately, everyone survived! Overall honors went to Troop #186.

Jared Reis, Troop Historian