A year of planning and preparation came to fruition the weekend of September 21-23 when over 380 people converged on Camp Royaneh to attend this years Mission Peak Fall Camporee. 45 patrols participated in 10 events ranging from fire starting to knot tying all with the underlying intent of demonstrating teamwork and leadership skills. An evening campfire skit that encompassed recognizing the winners of each event was well received by everyone. It is a tradition to end these campfires with Scout Vespers a song that reflects on what scouting is about and its values. In light of the recent events of September 11th the troop decided to end with all of the Troop 103 scouts and adults on the stage of the amphitheater singing “God Bless America” with the entire audience of over 300 joining in–a very moving ending to a great event. Troop 103 left Royaneh Sunday afternoon tired and worn out, but they all did so with a great deal of pride in Troop 103 and a renewed sense of what scouting is all about.