Listen, my children and you will hear, a transcript of the last campout.
[what a total waste of a dramatic beginning]

Okay well we got to Los Mochos. And it WAS NOT RAINING! That is right, NO RAIN. Yes it was chilly, but NO RAIN! Well, we set up our equipment and then lo and behold it was time for us to go… to practice lashings. Mike K. and Jason H. set it up, with my help. We were divided into patrols Me, Chris R., and Camren O. The other team was Brendon P., Andrew M. , and Drew M. Our duty was to make an A-Frame using square and diagonal lashings. Then we would run up a hill and back. Then Jason or Mike would check the lashings and have us do them over if they were not tight. That happened to us at least 3 times. “It’s like the presidential election. We’ve done this 5 times and we still don’t have a winner” said one scout. Eventually the Cobras won.

Then, still in same teams, we had to cross a rope strung between 2 trees- without touching the ground. It is very, very, very, very, very, very, difficult, and hurts you leg if you don’t wear jeans. That the Panthers won at. Then it was back to the campsite.

There we had a class in sharp-stuff safety, resulting in ‘totin chits’ for all those who took the class. Then the patrols began to make dinner. Jason H. lit a fire at the Panther’s firepit and the troop was off and on at the fire. That is how the evening went. You spent some time around the fire, then to do your patrol duties, then back to the fire. Then, we went to sleep.

Next morning… it was cold! There was frost on the ground, the washcloths had frozen and ice collected on the washtubs. Naturally, there was a snowball fight but it was still FREEZING COLD!! Luckily, Mr. Brown was very nice and gave the cobras a firelog. So during breakfast we had a nice fire. Then, we packed up our gear, policed the campsite and went home.

…And that is the story of the Los Mochos Campout.

By: Greg S. – November 12, 2000