From July 13th through the 19th Troop 103 attended Summer Camp at Camp Royaneh. We had 22 scouts in attendance and they earned 47 Merit Badges and 6 Rank Advancements while at camp. This was the first debut of our new Troop Trailer.

“On Saturday, July 12, 1997, most of our scout families followed Scoutmaster Mr. Shroyer up to Camp Royaneh. Mr. Shroyer pulled our newly refurbished trailer filled with all of our gear. We shared our campground, “Forester’s Village,” with two smaller troops. In our troop, there were twenty-three boys and four to seven adults at all times. At swimming qualifications, we had to jump into freezing cold water and swim two laps. In the mess hall there was a moose head and an elk head; if you didn’t take off your hat, it would be thrown onto the antlers. For the first three dinners we had “mystery meat,” we called it that because we could hardly figure out what it was. The rifle and archery ranges were lots of fun, and the trading post had lots of neat stuff, from glow sticks to pocket knifes. The staff are really nice people, they can be really funny too.

Mr. Dubro, one of our assistant Scout Masters, helped us on the Cairn Hike so we could get a Cairn Boot Award. At the competitions campfire, all the troops did funny things like pie-in-the-face. We also had gladiators night where we did the obstacle course and tug-o-war. At our troop campfire we did skits and we sang songs. We also retired a pair of white, yellow and brown underpants which were found unclaimed in our campground and flown up the flagpole! By the end of the week, all of us boys had earned over 40 merit badges. A few of us moved up in rank too. Camp Royaneh truly is a great place, we are going back in the year 2000 on Royaneh’s 75th anniversary.”

By: Drew R.