On Saturday the 31st, several scouts and dads built a sidewalk between two buildings for Warm Springs Elementary School. This will allow students to walk between buildings without having to traverse a dirt area. This Good Turn was done for the school where we hold our meetings.

Fifteen scouts attended this months camp out at Camp Herms on the 16th through the 18th. The primary focus of the weekend was to teach skills and meet rank advancement requirements. Many items were completed during the weekend even though the heat was oppressive and allergies made many scouts and scouters irritable and uncomfortable. Two of our ASM’s, Mr. Dubro and Mr. Enright, demonstrated how to light a camp fire–reports are it was a big fizzle. It was also noted that Mr. Dubro was jumping up and down with excitement and waving his arms wildly in an attempt to get the fire started. All patrols had skits or songs for the entertainment of the rest of the troop; all-in-all the campfire was a roaring success (once it got started).