On the 27th five of the younger scouts hiked Mission Peak in quest of their Rim Of The Bay hiking patches. Joseph S. Patrol Leader of the Cobra’s led the hike and used the map with help from Dr. Dubro our COR. Dr. Dubro helped the scouts identify Poison Oak and the Bay Laurel tree. Mr. Storer pointed out some of the geological features, such as the Hayward Fault and areas of subsidence (slide areas). It seems Justin H. also found (fell into) some pies along the way left by the local farm animals. The weather was perfect for hiking, the fog added a mystery to the hike because the group was not able to see the top of Mission Peak while climbing up, but once at the top they could see all the way to Palo Alto and the Sunol Valley. Everyone had a good time and completed the hike without any significant problems.

A group of older scouts hiked the 20 miles from Sunol to Del Valle on the 26th & 27th. This was a long grueling hike for the 7 scouts and four adults that went on this trek. The group camped at Doe Canyon on Saturday night and enjoyed a great view of the city lights. It did rain early Sunday morning and those that suffered with carrying tents were glad they did. Mr. Barrett awoke to discover that the city lights had been shut off. He soon found out why the lights went out when the rain clouds came on–he then wondered why he didn’t bring a tent. The scenery was great with lots of native flowers and scenic views. All the scouts faired pretty well. The adults on the other hand had a few slight problems. It seems that Mr. Dubro and Mr Howard found out their tent had slipped down the hill during the night, with them in it. Scoutmaster Shroyer’s knee decided it was time to rebel against the abuse and Mr. Barrett won the prize for the most blisters with nine.