Our second Court of Honor for the year was held on the 16th. The following rank advancement and awards were presented: 3 Star, 3 Tenderfoot, 4 Scout , 6 Photography Merit Badges, 12 Rim of the Bay Hiking Patches for our October Mt. Wittenburg hike, and 29 Winter Awareness Training patches. A special award was present to Andy D. for his outstanding demonstration of Scouting Spirit.

On December 13-15 the Troop went to Camp Lindblad for a weekend outing–the main purpose was to work on advancement for the scouts. Perhaps we should have given more consideration to the fact that we started our adventure on Friday the 13th, but we didn’t give it a second thought (until later). It all started when Mr. Floco tried to break the grill, then Mr. Dubro succeeded in breaking the glass globe and the mantle in the adults lantern by bouncing it along the ground. Not to be outdone, Mr. Howard ripped his coat pocket trying to catch said lantern while his hand was still firmly planted in aforementioned pocket. The scouts seeing the great fun the adults were having didn’t want to be left out–Justin got a flu bug, Tom found a tick (or should we say the tick found him), Drew lost his knife (again), and about half the scouts managed to get soaked to their knees while crossing (err, ummm, wading) in the creek. Matt K. learned he should bring a change of cloths and Danny M. learned that spare shoes are not slippers. We won’t even talk about the great success Mr. Barrett and the other adults had at starting the campfire after the scouts were all unsuccessful at this endeavor (21 inches of rain in the past few weeks seemed to have a minor side effect on fire building). The campfire finally was ablaze (where did that bag of charcoal briquets go?) and all patrols, adults included, presented their skits. Despite some minor problems, most of the weekends objectives were met, several rank advancement items were completed and everyone had a good time. More importantly the scouts learned some things about planning and resourcefulness.