On Saturday the 19th, eleven scouts took part in a hike to Mt.Wittenberg. This is part of the progressive Rim of the Bay Hike. Our Scoutmaster, Mr. Shroyer, was conspicuously absent. It seems that he was on a hike with his new bride Maureen, on the beaches of Hawaii.

Troop 103 had our first Court Of Honor for the 1996-97 year on Monday, October 7th. The following awards were presented to those scouts who earned them during the summer: 69 Merit Badges, 11 Rank Advancements, 3 SFBAC 25-Night camping awards, 3 1-Mile Swim BSA, and 1 Snorkeling BSA.

At the Court of Honor our Scoutmaster Allen Shroyer (“I used to be an Owl…”), and Asst. Scoutmaster Jack Enright (“I used to be an Eagle…”) both received their Woodbadge Beads. This completes almost 2 years of work on their Woodbadge Tickets. Congratulations!